Be an online safety teacher

Do you know how to be safe online? Do you know someone who does not use the Internet safely? Do you want to teach someone you care about how to stay safe online?

It’s important for people who know how to be safe online to share their tips and help keep others safe. We all have a role to play in the safety of our fellow citizens and the Internet is no exception. It is a place where people can find themselves in ‘unsafe’ situations.

Here are some tips on how to talk to others about online safety:

  1. Understand Internet safety before you explain itThat’s a no brainer. It’s ineffective to teach something when the student knows more than the teacher.
  2. Show them proper Internet behaviourSpend time with the person and show them what sites are appropriate and which sites are not. Show them how to set their privacy settings.
  3. Talk to themTalk to the person about what the outcomes of unsafe online practices could be.
  4. Become a ‘checker friend’ – A ‘checker friend’ is someone who will make sure that the person you care about is not chatting with someone who may cause them harm or posting inappropriate information online.
  5. Show them www.icanbesafeonline.comit’s a great website that is easy to use and has great safety tips and videos.