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We have a wonderful guest blog to share with you. Have you heard about Ability Online? Learn all about it here:

Ability Online

In addition to our skill development modules and message forums, did you know that we also provide support and resources for the families of the children we reach out to, as well as the healthcare and education professionals who work with them? Ours is an all-inclusive, welcoming place full of opportunities for friendship, support and empowerment. It is a place that is available 24/7 from any computer or device with Internet access. And it’s free!

Here are just a few of the modules you will see once you register:

  • Age and topic specific forums for ongoing discussions
  • Homework Help
  • Bully Bouncers
  • Friendship Builder
  • Games
  • Fun stuff- introduction to sports and recreation
  • Tumblereadables -online library of books for all ages
  • Resources and links

and so much more. Just register (yes we will screen you which involves a phone call -but guess what -that procedure has kept our kids safe for over 20 years! Worth the wait don’t you think?) and then login and explore the possibilities.

But if you need help -just ask. Email (information@abilityonline.org) call (toll free 1-866-650-6207) or even fax -1-866-829-6780 and we will do our best to answer any and all of your questions. Together we can and will make a difference!

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  1. Ability online Ambassador
    August 2, 2012 at 1:02 am

    My name is Krystian. I am here to speak to you about internet safety and cyberbullying. I think it’s very important to make people aware of the internet dangers. I have done lots of research and have taken many on line courses and I would like to share what I have learned with you.

    If you do become a victim of cyber stalking, there are 3 steps to take:

    Stop responding to the sender’s messages.

    Block their e-mail address.

    Tell someone you trust who will support you in taking action to stop it. More later.

    Becareful on sites even safe sites all a safe site means is they have safeguards to catch any cyberbullies or predators. there is a safe site called ability online its for alumni or kids and professionals like support workers or parents.

    Ability Online is a free and monitored online support community that links kids with disabilities or illness to other kids and adults who care. In a password-protected environment, we offer monitored topical discussion threads, chat facilities, and games and activities where kids can come together and just be kids. Then, when they are ready, links to health information, peer support, and opportunities for skill development are just a mouse click away.
    Ability Online is not a typical chat/messaging community!
    Our community is comprised of children and youths who share the challenges associated with disabilities and/or chronic illness and their parents/care givers;
    Safety and security is paramount. Member identification is verified prior to permitting access to the site, public message areas are monitored, and all volunteers and staff are police-screened;
    We have zero tolerance for bullying or inappropriate behaviour; Our program supports a therapeutic model for recovery, meaning that program areas are designed to address needs across functional domains and can be used with varying levels of parent/therapist intervention;
    We provide opportunities for confidence building, skill development, and peer support;
    We strive to help our members in “off-line” areas of their lives, too, by providing mentors, homework help, and help with the transition to adulthood.
    If you’re looking for a comfortable place to hang out, make friends, and feel good about yourself then Ability Online is the place for you. On Ability Online, everyone looks the same – we’re just friends meeting friends. If you need help with homework but don’t know how to ask for help at school – we can help you.

    If you are becoming an adult and wondering how to manage – we have the goods. Our new Young Adult/Alumni section is for our young adult members and also focuses on issues related to transition.
    We understand that protecting your child is of the utmost importance, and would like to assure you that Ability Online provides a monitored, bully-free, happy environment for members. Members are screened prior to being given access the site, messages are public and monitored, and inappropriate behaviour and language are not tolerated. Any members that cannot adhere to the rules are first cautioned and the offending messages removed, and if the inappropriate behaviour persists the member loses access to our site. The site is protected by state of the art software and firewalls. We attempt to ensure that all members have a good, healthy, happy online experience in order to build their feeling of self worth and independence.

    We also invite parents to register with us so that you can talk to other parents and caregivers that face similar challenges. We invite you to join us and see the benefits of an online support community for yourself.
    Our online program reflects a holistic model for recovery, supporting development across five functional domains – physical, cognitive, social, emotional, and spiritual. The flexibility of our program allows it to be utilized by health care professionals as a tool for recovery and/or rehabilitation. We have program areas suitable for members who require high levels of intervention, and areas for those who are able to benefit from more independent usage. Please contact us to receive one of our “Information Guide for Community Partner” manuals to find out more about the therapeutic applications of Ability Online. Currently we have over 25 hosts who provide daily monitoring of the conference message areas and also provide chat session monitoring. These volunteers are long-time members of Ability Online and go through a special training program to develop the hosting skills required.

  2. caledoniawilson
    August 5, 2012 at 1:41 am

    Have you ever thought about an line support group? so people can share their experiences

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